Caring Dads

A program to help fathers improve their relationships with their children by ending controlling and abusive behaviours towards their children’s mother.

Do you struggle with managing your anger around your child?

Are you concerned that your relationship with your child is not as close as you hoped it would be?

Are you finding that your parents’ abusive and dysfunctional patterns of behaviours are affecting how YOU parent your child?

This 17 week session will help fathers with:

  • Developing skills to cope in healthy ways with frustrating situations;
  • Understanding how different fathering strategies and choices affect children;
  • Increasing awareness of controlling, abusive, and neglectful attitudes and behaviours;
  • Learning strategies to strengthen the father-child relationship.

This group offers a unique opportunity for men to connect as fathers by using non-threatening and non-judgmental strategies, and by combining active group discussions and exercises. Eligibility is determined during a required screening interview.
Inquire HERE or call us at 519.941.4357, ext. 236 or 239.

In partnership with dcafs logo side services

Funded in part by the Fyfe Foundation.

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