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Individual and Group Counselling for Men

Support and referrals are available via our support line for men who have been involved with or impacted by family violence.

Click on each of the sections below to learn more about these programs.

Sexual Assault Counselling

We  provide sexual assault counselling services to all genders, 16 years and older. Counsellors and their clients will discuss and develop mutually agreed upon goals for the focus of the counselling services. Depending on the needs of the client, the number of sessions could range from 1 to 13 (or beyond if the counsellor deems an extension request appropriate). If at any point during service, it appears that FTP’s counselling program is unable to meet the client’s service needs, the counsellor will seek to provide a referral to a more appropriate agency/service.

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Legal Support

We also offer legal support by providing information, support and referrals to help a men navigate the family court systems (staff are not lawyers or mediators).

Caring Dads

A program to help fathers improve their relationships with their children by ending controlling and abusive behaviours towards their children’s mother. Please click HERE for more information. In partnership with  dcafs logo side services
Funded in part by The Fyfe Foundation.

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