Our Culture

Our workplace culture is aligned with our values  – like a ‘north star’ guiding us in our daily workplace practices.  Recruitment, employee policies and building a workplace climate that fosters our values is our way to ensure that at every level, staff feel respected, appreciated and heard.

We believe that a workplace is only sustainable when employees feel they have control over their own lives and that staff’s needs are as equally important to our agency’s goals.  We do all we can to acknowledge the needs of staff to place an emphasis on individual freedom, flexibility and empathy. We want everyone to feel valued, fulfilled and visible.

While utmost attention is providing excellent service to our clients, we believe that creating an awesome workplace is just as important.  We want to build a healthier community inside and outside our agency’s walls by promoting healthy relationships where diversity and inclusion are cornerstones – regardless of age, gender, ability, race, ethnicity, sexuality.  We believe in both a work environment and community that is safe.

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