Building healthier communities – one relationship at a time.


FTP primarily provides services to women and children who have experienced abuse. We know that abuse has wide ranging impact on peoples’ lives in the community and society in general, so we aspire to:

A community free of abuse where all women, children and men are treated with respect and equality, and live in healthy relationships within their families.


To be a leader in the work to eliminate woman abuse by supporting women, children, men, their families, and the community by:

  • Providing a welcoming, safe shelter for women and their children;
  • Counselling those who have experienced abuse and its associated impacts on a person’s wellbeing;
  • Educating to promote healthy relationships and end the cycle of abuse;
  • Advocating for systemic change; and
  • Providing responsible stewardship of our resources and our community’s goodwill through accountable and transparent processes.



  • We value the safety of all individuals and recognize that women and children are most vulnerable in our society.


  • We value the right of all persons to live free from violence and abuse.
  • We value the right and ability of all women to be in control of their lives and make informed choices.
  • We value the importance of respect and dignity throughout the healing process and life’s journey.


  • We value education and prevention as tools to end abuse in our community.
  • We value individuals, communities, organizations and governments who actively work towards healthy relationships free of violence.
  • We value the elimination of systemic barriers to equality and independence.
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