Don’t feel safe?

Are you in danger?

If you fear for the immediate safety of you or your children, call 911. Now!

Emergency shelter is available for abused women and their children at Family Transition Place.

Call our 24 Hour Crisis / Information Line at 519-941-HELP (4357), 905-584-HELP (4357) or 1-800-265-9178.

Are you in a relationship and fear that your partner may become violent?
Prepare for your and your children’s safety.

  • Pack a suitcase with clothes, extra keys to your home and car, as well as telephone numbers of relatives and close friends who can help. Keep it at a friend’s, neighbour’s or hidden in your home where you can get to it easily.
  • Gather together important information, including banking and property papers, extra cash, health cards, something comforting for the children, restraining/custody orders, legal documents (court papers, passports, birth certificates etc.) and keep them handy so that you can gather them and take them with you, even if you have to leave in a hurry.
  • Teach your children how to call 911. Look in each room to find a way to escape in an emergency. Develop a code word for your children and friends so they know that the situation is dangerous, it’s time to leave immediately, and to call 911.

Make a Safety Plan
For a detailed, printable safety plan, click on MAKE A SAFETY PLAN.
Print it, hide it in a safe place or at a friend’s.
Be sure to review and update it as necessary.
If you would like help developing your Safety Plan, we can help.
Call 519-941-HELP (4357), 905-584-HELP (4357) or 1-800-265-9178.

Are you being followed or harassed?
Are you worried about your safety because someone is:

  • following you everywhere?
  • calling you over and over again, perhaps hanging up whenever you answer the phone?
  • contacting you on the Internet or through constant email messages?
  • watching your home or workplace?
  • making you or your family feel threatened?
  • sending you gifts you do not want?
  • leaving threatening phone messages?

These actions could be described as criminal harassment. If your safety is at risk, call 911.

If you are not in immediate danger, you should still report it to police. You can call:

  • Dufferin OPP: 519-925-3838 or 1-888-310-1122
  • Caledon OPP: 905-584-2241 or 1-888-310-1122

You can increase your personal safety.

  • Talk to police about a court ordered peace bond or restraining order.
  • Tell your family, friends or co-workers you trust about what is happening.
  • Keep personal documents and information private.
  • Vary your routines and refuse to meet with the person who is harassing you.
  • Report harassing email or chat room abuse to your Internet Service provider.
  • Stay alert and develop a safety plan.

For more information about criminal harassment, click on this Department of Justice link that will open a new browser window. (Note: the Family Transition Place website will still be open. You can return to it by closing the Justice window.)

You have not been physically abused, but do you feel afraid?
Emotional, verbal, psychological, and financial abuse are as harmful and in fact, occur more often than physical or sexual abuse. It’s common for abuse victims to feel afraid even though they have not been physically harmed.

Saying and doing things to create fear is one of the ways abusers use power and control over you.

Know that your concerns and fears deserve to be taken seriously, even though you may not have any bruises or broken bones.

Call for support and information

  • 519-941-HELP (4357),
  • 905-584-HELP (4357) or
  • 1-800-265-9178.
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