Planned Giving

There are ways that you can make a difference to Family Transition Place, and to the health and safety of our community.

After securing the future well being of their loved ones, people often wish that they could make a substantial gift to help make their community a better and safer place to live. They also believe that it is a dream that is out of their reach. For many people, looking at their current financial situation, this is probably true. But there is a way to achieve your dream of making a significant gift while saving taxes and not affecting the amount of money you have for your current needs or to benefit your heirs and loved ones.

Planned Gifts allow you to achieve your goal. By creating a gift today for the future benefit of the FTP, you can ensure the financial future of FTP in a substantial way without affecting your current lifestyle. And the tax savings your estate will receive will help to offset the taxes you will ultimately have to pay. The best part about Planned Giving is everyone can use this unique way of supporting FTP. Every gift, not matter what size is a generous offer to include us in your estate planning.

Each donor of a Planned Gift will also be honoured in our special recognition society The Circle of Hope. With The Circle of Hope we wish to highlight the special relationship you are creating with us by creating a Planned Gift for FTP.

We are sincerely appreciative of every gift we receive.

Making a Gift is Easy

Most Planned Gifts are bequests in a will and are created by adding a codicil to an existing will or including a gift in the preparation of a new will. Often lawyers will include the codicil in a will without any charge. This is especially true if specific wording is provided. [Include link to standard codicils with explanation and printable version]. Other forms of gifts include: Gift of Life Insurance and Gifts of Securities.

Gifts through a Bequest

Bequests enable individuals to make significant gifts that they may not have been able to make while living – gifts that continue to make a difference for many years.

Your bequest to FTP may be directed for our general use, or for a special purpose that you may designate. A bequest can be a specific amount of money; a specific asset it can be a percentage of the residue — the remainder of your estate to be distributed after specific bequests.

If making a gift, please include the proper name of the beneficiary of such gifts, which is Family Transition Place.

Remember, when making a bequest, speak to your lawyer about drafting or revising your will. It is always best to include your trusted advisors and family when make changes to your estate plan.

Gifts of Life Insurance

There are a number of ways to support FTP with a gift of life insurance.

By naming FTP as the beneficiary of an existing paid policy no longer needed for its original purpose (such as to cover a mortgage or for education of children) – you can transfer an existing policy by naming FTP the owner and beneficiary. If the policy is paid up, you or FTP need pay no additional premiums. When the gift is ultimately paid to FTP, it will fall outside of your estate ensuring that it is not subject to probate fees thus decreasing the taxes your estate will have to pay. It will also entitle your estate for a tax receipt for the full amount of the value of the policy.

It is always best to include your trusted advisors and family when make changes to your estate plan.

Gifts of Publicly Listed Securities

Seeing your stock, bond or mutual fund grow should be pleasing. Unfortunately, when you cash in any of these forms of investments they become a form of taxable income. You can minimize the financial impact this will have while benefiting from tremendous tax incentives recently introduced by the Federal Government by donating your publicly listed security directly to the FTP.

Giving Reduces Capital Gains Tax

Prior to the budget change brought down on May 2, 2006, gifts of appreciated securities made to charities, excluding private foundations, had a reduced capital gain tax rate of 25%. While the donor receives a receipt credit based on the full market value of their security, they were still required to report 25% of the gain.

The new tax change means there is no capital gain to be paid!

Now, when donating a gift of securities directly to a charitable organization such as the FTP, the entire capital gain is eliminated. This means that there is no need to calculate the reportable capital gain and the tax credit the gift triggers can be used to offset other income tax that you may be obligated to pay.

The types of investments that qualify include: shares, bills, warrants, mutual funds and futures, listed on stock exchanges. Also included are both RRSPs and pension plan benefits.

Making a Gift

Making a gift of securities to the FTP is very easy. For example, Mr. J. Smith purchased ABC Company stock some years ago. The stock has a Fair Market Value (FMV) of $10,000 and his cost was $2,000. He has made recent charitable donations to the FTP and has decided that he would like to make a substantial gift of support. When looking at his stock portfolio, he decided to give his ABC Company stocks as a gift to FTP. His combined federal and provincial tax rate and charitable tax credit are both 50%. Here is an example of the real cost of giving the stock instead of selling the stock and donating the cash:


The Alternative Newsletter

With your permission, Family Transition Place will permanently recognize your generosity on our donor recognition wall known as The Circle of Hope. This is a special section dedicated to honouring those you have made Planned Gifts to FTP. We will also display your name on a special section of our website and through a listing in our newsletters The Alternative.

All requests for anonymity will, of course, be honoured.

For more information contact our Resource Development Manager at 519-942-4122 ext.240 or email us using our Contact Us email form.

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