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Financial Donations
Your tax deductible donation, whether monthly, annually, in memoriam, or in celebration will help us continue to provide our much needed services. If you wish to make a tax deductable donation to Family Transition Place by cash, credit card or cheque, you may donate, safely and securely online.

Make a donation online

  • INTERAC e-transfers to ( option still active)
    • Please include an email or mailing address for tax receipt purposes
    • Please contact us if you don’t receive your tax receipt in the mail within 14 days
  • Download a printable donation form (PDF) to:
    • give a monthly donation
    • give a one time donation
    • give a celebration gift
    • give a memorial gift
  • Or simply mail a cheque payable to:Family Transition Place
    20 Bredin Parkway
    Orangeville, ON L9W 4Z9
Become a monthly donor

website monthly donor

A monthly donation to Family Transition Place doesn’t simply help provide shelter, counselling and support for women and children in our community – it gives a whole lot more. Please become a monthly donor. With regular monthly donations we build a reliable and stable source of finances, and can continue to do very important work in our community.
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If you would prefer to not submit your information online, please complete this form and mail it to Family Transition Place, 20 Bredin Parkway, Orangeville, ON L9W 4Z9 or email a copy to

Planned Giving

Planned giving (also known as gift planning or legacy giving) is a charitable gift of any amount made during a donor’s life or at death and is part of their financial or estate plan.

Planned giving provides you with an opportunity to support a charity of your choice beyond your own lifetime, either directly or by memorializing someone through a bequest in their name. Planned giving allows you to plan today to make a gift in the future to support charities like FTP continue the important work being done to support women experiencing domestic violence and their children for years to come.

Planned gifts may include gifts of life insurance, bequests in your will and gifts of securities (stocks, bonds, GICs). Gifts like this can also provide valuable tax benefits to your estate.

Leaving a legacy gift will create a lasting impact.

If you are interested in estate planning with a charity like FTP in mind, please speak to your lawyer or financial advisor.

Matching Gifts
Many companies have programs that match the donations made by current or retired employees and their spouses or Board of Directors. Check with your employer or associated company today to see if they have a matching gift program.
COVID-19 Update - Product and Service Donations
Due to the current health crisis, please call 519-942-4122, ext. 243 before dropping off product and service donations.

Please check out FTP’s Amazon Wish List for special-request items. 
NOTE: We do encourage folks to shop local whenever possible, but with the risks of the pandemic to our congregate living format, FTP staff is better able to manage deliveries coming in from a couple of weekly couriers rather than several different deliveries/donations coming in every day. With fewer couriers, we reduce the number of contact points and the items will be coming directly from a supplier. As with every donation, these items will still need to be placed in quarantine.

Thank you in advance for your support.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE ON BEDBUGS: Family Transition Place provides housing for up to nine women and their children at one time. An outbreak of bedbugs would be a serious issue and we do our best to avoid this sort of disruption. Bedbugs like to live and travel in pre-owned items such as desktop computers, appliances, TVs, game systems, purses, clothing, suitcases, backpacks, mattresses, and books. We are unable to accept any items of this nature in order to prevent bedbugs from entering our building.

For information on how and what to donate, please visit our General Donations Guide.

The Dufferin County Take it Back Directory is also a helpful resource.

COVID-19 Update - Clothing Donations
Due to the current health crisis, there may be some restrictions on accepting clothing donations at this time. Please contact each store for more details.

Family Transition Place is unable to accept used clothing donations at the shelter as our storage areas are limited. However, we have relationships with two local clothing consignment stores that will accept quality used clothing and sell it on FTP’s behalf:

  • As We Grow – 3-20 Dawson Rd, Orangeville – 519-941-8733
    Please request that the proceeds from the sale be designated to FTP account #3763.
    (adult and children’s clothing)
  • Finders Keepers – 60 Broadway, Orangeville – 519-307-1110
    (adult clothing only)click HERE for Finders Keepers’ store hours

These community-minded participating businesses issue “vouchers” to clients of FTP, which can then be redeemed for clothing for themselves or their children. Making good use of these partnerships is an excellent way to support women and children in need and make sure that good used clothing does not go to a landfill.

The Dufferin County Take it Back Directory is also a helpful resource.

COVID-19 Update - Food Donations
Due to the current health crisis, please call 519-942-4122, ext. 243 before dropping off food donations.

Family Transition Place has recently developed a thorough food handling process and Food Donations Handbook*. We can accept perishable and non-perishable (including fresh and frozen) quality food items that have valid expiry dates, and are not damaged or spoiled, as well as some prepared food items. Due to health and safety regulations, these prepared items must be from a regulated food provider, facility or caterer, and not previously served to the public (event buffet, banquet, etc.).

If you have a food donation that meets our health and safety regulations, we would appreciate you calling the number below to make arrangements for delivery, and you completing the applicable areas of our Food Donations Form to accompany the donation.

You are not liable for any risk associated with your donation. Family Transition Place food donors are protected by Ontario’s Donation of Food Act, 1994. This legislation protects those who, in good faith, donate or distribute fresh food.

Food items that are used regularly:

  • Non-perishable food**:
    • Canned pasta sauce
    • Canned vegetables
    • “Cooking soups” – tomato soup, cream of chicken, cream of celery, cream of mushroom, cream of broccoli, cheddar soup
    • Breakfast cereals cold and hot like oatmeal
    • Peanut free school snacks fruit cups, apple sauce puddings
    • Reusable water bottles, school lunch containers/tupperware
    • Apple juice, orange juice, hot chocolate, frozen juice mix
    • Frozen individual entrees
    • Frozen meat and fish
  • Perishable food** – for example: meats, cheese, loaves of bread, fruit, vegetables, brown and white sugar

For more information on what we’ll accept and our food donation guidelines, please contact Kelly Lee at 519-942-4122, ext. 243.

*Adapted with the permission of York Region Community and Health Services.
Other ways to donate
  • Support one of our fundraising events by donating prizes or purchasing tickets.
  • Hold your own fundraising event or draw with proceeds directed to Family Transition Place. MORE…
  • Donate your HBC reward points to Family Transition Place using the HBC Rewards Community Public ID # 6890147.

For more information, please contact our Manager of Development & Community Relations at 519-942-4122 or 905-584-4357 ext. 240 or contact us via email.

Your time and talent have value to us. Click HERE for current opportunities and for more information.
Sponsorship Opportunities
Your sponsorship of events and programs helps sustain our services. Your contribution will be recognized and acknowledged. Please visit our Fundraisers tab to see current opportunities.
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