In 2012, The Ferguson Memorial Walk was created by Gus and Penny Bogner to honour their daughter Heidi Lee Ferguson (née Bogner). Heidi was tragically killed on September 12, 2009, in a domestic dispute with her estranged husband. From 2012–2019, the Bogner family raised over $120,000 in support of our largely unfunded youth education programs.

From 2020–2023, FTP was proud to carry on the important legacy of this event, which evolved into Heidi’s Walk for Hope, raising an additional $75,000, and further awareness for our work. Through Heidi’s Walk for Hope, we continued to honour Heidi, the incredible support received by her family, increase awareness about domestic violence, and raise critical funds to support violence prevention education. 

We sincerely appreciate the participation and support of this important event by our community throughout the last 12 years, and after much consideration, have decided to pivot our awareness and fundraising direction this fall. Making a decision like this has not been easy, but together with the Bogner family, we are confident it’s the right time and very excited to share new opportunities to support and learn more about the important work we do. Please stay tuned for announcements coming soon.  

A tribute to Heidi, her family, and the remarkable impact they’ve made possible through their dedication and belief in the work that we do will be installed at our Orangeville FTP location in September.

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