Building healthier communities – one relationship at a time.

Our Culture

Our workplace culture is aligned with our values  – like a ‘north star’ guiding us in our daily workplace practices.


FTP primarily provides services to women and children who have experienced abuse. We know that abuse has wide ranging impact on peoples’ lives in the community and society in general, so we aspire to:

A community free of abuse where all individuals are treated with compassion, equity and respect, and live their lives in healthy relationships.


The human quality of understanding a person’s strengths and vulnerabilities along with the authentic desire to offer acceptance and support.

Upholding the fundamental ethical, operational and institutional principles of FTP in a transparent, trustworthy, honest and consistent manner.

Recognizing, acknowledging and accepting people as individuals with their own lived experiences.

Treating all people fairly, respectfully and equitably.

Continuous Learning & Innovation:
The ongoing effort to stay current with trends and needs while recognizing and implementing opportunities to improve oneself, the team and the service to clients.


Our Mission is to support the holistic well-being of those affected by gender-based violence and promote healthy relationships and community, through education.

Therefore, we commit to:

  • Providing SAFETY:
    • Providing a safe shelter for those identifying as women and their children
    • Providing referrals and options to help ensure the safety of all individuals who reach out to us for help
    • Creating safe, welcoming and inclusive spaces
  • Providing SUPPORT:
    • Providing respectful and compassionate counselling and supports to those who have experienced trauma and/or abuse so that they are empowered as they move forward on their life journey
  • Inspiring HOPE:
    • Educating to promote healthy relationships and end the cycle of abuse
    • Advocating for systemic change; always learning and innovating to create positive impacts on the lives of the diverse individuals we serve
    • Living and promoting the values of respect, integrity, compassion and inclusivity at all times (within the agency and community)
    • Providing responsible stewardship of resources and our community’s goodwill through accountable and transparent processes
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