24/7 Crisis Counselling

Here at FTP, we offer free individual counselling in Orangeville, Bolton and Shelburne FOR ALL GENDERS—16 years of age and older—for recent or historical sexual abuse. Seeking counselling support in a safe place can help you understand and validate how the assault or abuse has impacted your life. You will also be supported in understanding your options and choices regarding medical treatment, contact with police and legal rights. Through counselling you can begin to let go of the guilt, anger and shame that many victims of sexual assault experience and begin to feel empowered, stronger and hopeful about your future.

Counsellors and their clients will discuss and develop mutually agreed upon goals for the focus of the counselling services. Depending on the needs of the client, the number of sessions could range from 1 to 13 (or beyond if the counsellor deems an extension request appropriate). If at any point during service, it appears that FTP’s counselling program is unable to meet the client’s service needs, the counsellor will seek to provide a referral to a more appropriate agency/service.

You can access our service directly by calling 1-800-265-9178.

Additional resources:

If you are in danger or feeling unsafe, please find somewhere safe to go right away and call 911.

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