“FTP has been a guardian angel. My two counsellors patiently waited and supported me until I was ready to make a statement to the police. Once I did, the two were amazing! Things happened so smoothly and easily. I cannot truly express how grateful I am to FTP. I have sat on the Board for a women’s shelter – FTP should be used as a role model for all shelters!! I hope I can come back as a volunteer or as a member of the Board to repay them for all they did for me! Thank you – I am alive today because of FTP!”

“My counsellor helped me through this hard journey in my life. Meeting with her has improved my life 100% I do not know where I would be today if i did not meet with her. I have never met someone that I felt as comfortable with and could tell her all the things that use to even scare me to think about. She has helped me learn how to cope with my past and prepared me for a brighter future. I am forever grateful for that.”

“Very nice staff, helpful, clean and safe place.”

” I had privacy and lots of time and space in my room as I needed.  The staff helped me feel at home and helped to get to know the people here, so it wasn’t so scary.  I am so thankful for this place.”

“I should have come to this agency a long time ago but I didn’t.  I thought other woman needed it more than me. When I came here they understood my situation and they helped me realize that I really did need to get away from the abusive situation I was in.”

“The ladies at FTP are phenomenal! They are beyond professional, more like angels. They made me feel safe and offered 24 hour support. I am forever thankful and grateful to have had such a wonderful group of ladies reassure and support me at one of my most vulnerable states. “

“The staff that have many year’s of experience.   They are very professional, respectful and compassionate.”

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