Child Witness Program

Parent and Child Counselling Program

Family Transition Place (FTP) receives funding from the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) to provide services to mothers and children who have been exposed to domestic violence. FTP provides this service through individual and group counselling (Peaceful Families and Mothers in Mind).

The Parent and Child Support program offers a range of services and resources to women and their children who have experienced abuse to develop and/or maintain a healthy family environment.  Through individual, family sessions and telephone support, women and children are provided with a safe and supportive environment to share their experiences and to deal with difficult issues specifically pertaining to separation and divorce.

  • Brief counselling (6-8 sessions) available to support youth and children impacted by witnessing domestic violence
  • Collaborative support is available to mothers as they support children


In addition to the parent and child counselling, two groups are available: Peaceful Families and Mothers in Mind.

Peaceful Families

Eligibility requirements for this group are mothers, aged 16 years and older, whose children (4-18 years old) have been exposed to abuse in the home. The general format of the program is for moms, their children and group facilitators to gather together for a meal and family activity and then the larger group breaks into smaller groups (one group for the mothers, and then groups for the children depending on number of children and their ages) to discuss the weekly session’s topic.

The aim of this program is to provide:

  • Early intervention so that children may heal from the harmful effects and thus avoid the later need for more intensive supports
  • Women and children with a safe place to process the violence they have been exposed to
  • Methods of addressing social and behavioural issues that can result from exposure to abuse
  • Support to children in their understanding that it is not their fault or responsibility
  • Support to mothers as they help their children heal and gain confidence in their parenting skills and understanding of their child’s experience

Mothers in Mind

This 10-week group is designed for mothers who have experienced a traumatic event and/or unhealthy/abusive family dynamics in their childhood or adult life and their children (four years of age and under). Each week, moms and their children spend time participating in activities that are geared towards enhancing parenting skills, strengthening the parent-child relationship, and learning new skills for managing stress that can accompany parenthood.

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We are grateful for the support of the Ministry of Community and Social Services in providing funding for these programs.

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