Dear Friends;
As another year draws to a close at Family Transition Place (FTP), we reflect on the many challenges we have faced and the many triumphs we have shared. Sometimes the challenges feel insurmountable, and then a woman tells us we’ve saved her life; we support someone to move out of the shelter and into a safe home of their own; a child shares that they feel safe to express their true self with a team member; and we witness a deep, life–changing friendship form between survivors—these simple but profound triumphs feed us and make the challenges worthwhile.
We are grateful to our community of partners, donors, families and friends who support our work. Most of all, we are grateful to the women, children and individuals who trust us with their stories their challenges and allow us to to share in their triumphs.
Our hope for each of you in 2024 is that there are more moments of triumph than challenge and that you find peace and happiness.
All the best of the season from all of us at FTP.
Norah Kennedy
Executive Director, FTP
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