It is important for us to keep track of the number of people we support every year, and how they are supported. We recently noticed a significant jump in the number of crisis calls that were received in the last three months in comparison to the number we received in the previous two years, during the same time period.

It’s not possible for us to know for sure what caused this increase, but it could be because people are back to work and kids are back to school, giving women more opportunities to safely call us. Or, it could possibly be because of increased stress due to the rising cost of living. If the cause is because life is returning to “normal,” it is truly concerning that many women may not have had the opportunity to call us when they needed us most over the last two years, simply because they were isolated. Many may have been in potentially dangerous living situations. It’s a scary thought.

No matter what the reason is for this alarming increase, we’re here. We’ll always be here.

If you need support, please call 1-800-265-9178. If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

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