FTP’s youth educators have partnered with the Orangeville Public Library on the following projects: 

Six-word Optimism Poetry Contest for youth in grades 5-8
In celebration of Poetry Month, the Orangeville Public Library’s program team and FTP’s youth educators challenge you to write a six-word poem that highlights a message of optimism. Submissions must be sent to libraryprograms@orangeville.ca by Friday, April 29th at 4 p.m.
Please click on the poster below for more details.

Poetry Contest poster for six word optimism poems by students in partnership with Orangeville Public Library

Information about workshop for parents in partnership with Orangeville Public Library featuring female student being mocked by other female students April 2022

Healthy In-School Relationships Workshop for Parents – April 21, 2022
This workshop is designed for parents, with a focus on examining a child’s in-school relationships. Workshop activities and discussions will address the following topics:

  • The characteristics of healthy and unhealthy in-school relationships
  • Viewing school bullying as a relationship issue
  • How to support your child in dealing with unhealthy relationships by:
    • Helping your child become more assertive
    • Teaching your child healthy emotional self-regulation strategies
    • Assisting your child in building their own feelings of self-worth
  • Ways to discuss relationship issues with school personnel

For information on future Youth Education Program workshops, please email sabina@familytransitionplace.ca.

Both activities in partnership with: Orangeville Public Library horizontal logo


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