To: The Entire Family Transition Place Team

It goes without saying, this has been an eventful year.

Certainly we know from our personal lives how drastically the pandemic has disrupted our normal routines, our social connections and sometimes, tragically, our health or the health of those we love.

While all this has been happening, our professional lives have been no less turbulent. Whether it’s new physical distancing requirements, workflows, schedules or having to adjust to endless zoom calls, we have all experienced new stresses and strains that have forced us to adapt.

As Board members, we have seen how hard it has been for everyone at Family Transition Place during the past year. Norah and the leadership team have kept us apprised of your efforts every step of the way: from the implementation of new emergency protocols, the massive change to staffing schedules and modes of work, to the actual reconfiguration and construction on the premises to create new, pandemic-safe client spaces…and more.

Throughout this year we continue to be so impressed by how the FTP team has stepped up and responded to the crisis, how you have adapted quickly to serve your clients – always keeping that selfless, service-oriented focus.

We know that in addition to administrative challenges, financial uncertainties and for many a workday that seemed to operate on a 7/24 basis sometimes, you’ve maintained that passionate dedication to doing the important work you do.

And we’re so proud. And grateful.

We’re proud to be associated with such an inspiring team of professionals. We’re grateful that our community has the people of FTP doing this work that is so sorely needed.

And while we’re excited and perhaps relieved that, with vaccinations arriving in greater numbers, we can begin to anticipate a return to some sort of normal, as we, the Board, look back on this past year, we want to take this opportunity to express our deepest and sincerest thanks to you, the front-line people who truly make FTP what it is.

We appreciate your continued dedication, your inspiring example of community-minded service and your amazing adaptability and perseverance during these extraordinary times. 

Thank you,

Family Transition Place Board of Directors

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