The HOPE Project

Like many local organizations, Family Transition Place (FTP) is unable to host our annual in-person HOPE project event due to the current health crisis.
Driven by our HOPE Project mandate and fundraising goals, we are pivoting this experience to be a virtual one and hope you will join us!

Day 1 of this year’s HOPE Project: 35 Days of HOPE

Please watch this Welcome Message from Family Transition Place’s Executive Director, Norah Kennedy:


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Today is DAY 2 of our 2020 HOPE Project Event: 35 Days of HOPE. As Norah had mentioned in her Welcome message yesterday, we are going to start things off by sharing her article from last year’s HOPE magazine. Studies have been done that show “hope” is one of the most critical elements to a healthy and happy life. We’d like to start the journey off by exploring how critical hope really is. We challenge you to find what makes you feel hopeful over the next 34 days.
Please click HERE to read Norah’s 2019 HOPE magazine article, Our only job.
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Illustration Credit: Ellen Rooney

On DAY 3 of our hope journey, we’re going to delve a little deeper on the importance of hope. “Psychologists believe hope might be the most important feeling, state, or emotion we can experience.”

Norah referenced the following article in the HOPE piece we posted yesterday: “Growing Hope, Hope may be the most important feeling we can have. Here’s how to cultivate it,” written by Louise Palmer.




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Today is Day 4 of our 35 Days of HOPE. “While it is true that hope comes and goes, and there are times when we feel like all hope is diminished, there is light at the end of the tunnel.”
Today’s article offers helpful resources and exercises to encourage hope and resilience: What is Hope in Psychology + 7 Exercises & Worksheets, by Elaine Houston, B.Sc. —
The following quote can found in the article and is a lovely way to look at hope: “A rainbow is a prism that sends shards of multicolored light in various directions. It lifts our spirits and makes us think of what is possible. Hope is the same – a personal rainbow of the mind.” ~ Charles Snyder
Please help us to continue providing hope to this community. Our programs and services provide essential safety and support when needed and education to help prevent and end the cycle of violence. Your donations are appreciated:


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35 Days of HOPE $6,350$35,000


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Event Details

From September 25th to October 29th, we will be celebrating
“35 Days of HOPE” on FTP’s social media channels, highlighting
incredible stories of hope that FTP has proudly been a part of
for the last 35 years in our community.

Please follow us on social media for updates.

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All proceeds to support the delivery of FTP’s critical programs & services.

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