The HOPE Project 2021

Like many local organizations, Family Transition Place (FTP) is unable to host our annual in-person HOPE project event due to the current health crisis.

Together with our producing partner, Theatre Orangeville, we are absolutely thrilled to announce that registration is NOW OPEN for the
2021 HOPE Project virtual event: The time is NOW!
This year’s event will honour Women Abuse Prevention Month, and provide an exclusive look inside our programs and services.
Registrants will have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful Lavender Blue Catering dinner, an exclusive swag bag, and an interactive opportunity to engage with our frontline heroes—our staff—who together continue to be the steadfast, compassionate backbone of FTP.
We hope you’ll join us for this first-ever VIRTUAL gala experience on November 25, 2021, with every dollar raised supporting our critical programs and services.

Event Details

NEW DATE! November 25, 2021 | VIRTUAL Gala Event
6:00 p.m. | Virtual Production
7:30 p.m. | Q&A Session

$100 – no meal
$150 – meal included
$150 – no meal (includes a tax-receiptable donation in support of our programs and services)
Registration includes exclusive access to the HOPE Project event production, a link to join the event Q&A and a premium participant swag bag containing quality items donated by local partners.
The opportunity to register with a meal ends on November 22, 2021 at 4:30 p.m.


Event held in partnership with:
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All proceeds to support the delivery of FTP’s critical programs & services.


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Interested in sponsoring our 2021 HOPE Project Event?
Please review this year’s Sponsorship Opportunities, or contact 
for more details.

Thank you to this year’s sponsors!

Donate today

The time is now. Please consider making a donation in support of this event. All proceeds will be used to provide safety, support and hope to the women and children we serve.



The Time is NOW Online Auction

Image of man's arm wearing a watch cup of coffee in background title is the time is nowWe are very excited to launch our first-ever VIRTUAL silent auction!
Alongside our HOPE Project fundraiser: The Time is NOW, we are delighted to present a collection of beautiful designer watches for you to bid on!
Bids can be placed online from anywhere in Canada and the winning bidders have the opportunity to have their purchase shipped right to their door!
Open now through November 30, 2021, all proceeds generated through this exclusive auction will support our vital programs and services.
It’s time to end violence against women and we can’t do that without your help!
Thank you Meghan Bond Photography for capturing this stunning timepiece collection for us. 
Check out our 2020 35 Days of HOPE Event Content!

Thank you to everyone who watched, shared, supported and inspired this year’s HOPE Project Event.

We couldn’t have done it without you.

Day 1 of this year’s HOPE Project: 35 Days of HOPE

Please watch this Welcome Message from Family Transition Place’s Executive Director, Norah Kennedy:


Day 1 was proudly supported by:

Today is DAY 2 of our 2020 HOPE Project Event: 35 Days of HOPE. As Norah had mentioned in her Welcome message yesterday, we are going to start things off by sharing her article from last year’s HOPE magazine. Studies have been done that show “hope” is one of the most critical elements to a healthy and happy life. We’d like to start the journey off by exploring how critical hope really is. We challenge you to find what makes you feel hopeful over the next 34 days.
Please click HERE to read Norah’s 2019 HOPE magazine article, Our only job.
Day 2 was proudly supported by:

Illustration Credit: Ellen Rooney

On DAY 3 of our hope journey, we’re going to delve a little deeper on the importance of hope. “Psychologists believe hope might be the most important feeling, state, or emotion we can experience.”

Norah referenced the following article in the HOPE piece we posted yesterday: “Growing Hope, Hope may be the most important feeling we can have. Here’s how to cultivate it,” written by Louise Palmer.





Day 3 was proudly supported by:

Today is Day 4 of our 35 Days of HOPE. “While it is true that hope comes and goes, and there are times when we feel like all hope is diminished, there is light at the end of the tunnel.”
Today’s article offers helpful resources and exercises to encourage hope and resilience: What is Hope in Psychology + 7 Exercises & Worksheets, by Elaine Houston, B.Sc. —
The following quote can found in the article and is a lovely way to look at hope: “A rainbow is a prism that sends shards of multicolored light in various directions. It lifts our spirits and makes us think of what is possible. Hope is the same – a personal rainbow of the mind.” ~ Charles Snyder
Please help us to continue providing hope to this community. Our programs and services provide essential safety and support when needed and education to help prevent and end the cycle of violence. Your donations are appreciated:


Day 4 was proudly supported by:

Today is Day 5 of our 35 Days of HOPE event. Hope and healing come in many forms and we would like to share a client success story with you today.
*Trigger warning – The content in today’s story may be upsetting to some*

Excerpt: “I hope this reaches anyone who is feeling lost, terrified, alone, confused and any other negative emotion that goes with being in an abusive relationship.”

Please click HERE to read the entire story.

Day 5 was proudly supported by:

Today is Day 6 of our 35 Days of HOPE event and today we want to share with you this inspiring initiative of hope developed by the Voices of Courage committee.
Excerpt from Voices of Courage book:
“At 62 years of age, she left her 30-year marriage and accessed the shelter for safety, hoping to ride out the storm that would eventually come after she decided to leave. What would she do now? Where would she start? What would the rest of her journey look like? How would she find hope, courage and resiliency, after her voice had been taken from her?”
Please read the entire story HERE.
When information on the availability of these books is available, we will most definitely share it.



Day 6 was proudly supported by:

It’s Day 7 of our 35 Days of HOPE Event and we’d like to share this message of hope with you from one of FTP’s Youth Educators, Travis Greenley. Travis has been with FTP for over 10 years and is quite often the only male in our building. This has provided him with a somewhat unique perspective on the work that we do.

Our Youth Education Program is largely unfunded. Traditional in-person fundraisers make up for a large portion of the revenue needed to run this program and without the ability to do things how we would normally (i.e., our annual luncheon), we our going to experience a shortfall in our fundraising budgets. Please consider supporting this year’s HOPE Project event with a donation. Your contributions are sincerely appreciated. Donations can be made HERE.

Day 7 was proudly supported by:

Today is Day 8 of our 35 Days of HOPE. Mary Rose—the only female Mayor of Orangeville, a passionate change-maker in this community and currently a member of FTP’s Board of Directors—would like to share this message with you.

Excerpt: “Hope opens one up to collaborating to re-invent one’s future. Despite bleakness and near despair, there are always people at FTP who care. The need to stay connected, trusting in the tangible expectation that one deserves happiness is so important.”

Read Mary’s inspiring message HERE.




Day 8 was proudly supported by:

Today is Day 9 of our 35 Days of HOPE. We recently received a beautifully written letter from a client who has been accessing our services for several years. It was a wonderful letter providing insight into her experience as a client, and her interactions with our staff. The positivity this woman shared was much needed at this time and we wanted to share that hope and positivity with you. 

Excerpt: “As soon as you walk it the building it feels warm, nurturing, and inviting. The energy in the building is positive. You can feel that the staff like their jobs and working for the agency. The energy of a place is important, especially when working on recovery.”

Please click HERE to read the letter. 
Note: This letter was recently published in our 2019-2020 Annual Report and was slightly adapted for this purpose.


Day 9 was proudly supported by:

It’s Day 10 of our 35 Days of HOPE event and today we want to share “a poem from a support worker,” written and submitted by Petra Summerhill.
Rewind, Repeat, Remember
You are strong
True, you can’t do it on your own
But if you look, you’re not alone
And you’ve a gift that you can own—
You are strong
You are strong
You may weep till you can’t see
You may buckle to your knees
You may gasp and you may wheeze but
You are strong
You are strong
So what—you may not always know
Who’s a friend or who’s a foe,
Or pick the right path as you go;
You still are strong
You are strong
If you must, then double back
But though your heart and mind might crack
Just keep your feet upon the track for
You are strong
You are strong
You don’t have to be the best
Nor are you worse than all the rest
Your life’s your own endurance test
And you are STRONG!

Day 10 was proudly supported by:

Day 11 of our 35 Days of HOPE event: FTP Youth Educator, Travis Greenley, submitted this Youth Education success story to share just one of the many positive outcomes that have occurred through our Youth Education program. This program is designed to educate kids about self-esteem and healthy relationships, with the ultimate goal of eliminating violence in our communities.

Excerpt: “Hope is many things. On that day for me, it was a young boy getting the chance to realize his own self-worth and making the most of that opportunity.”

Read the whole story HERE.


Day 11 was proudly supported by:

Today is Day 12 of our 35 Days of HOPE event. In 2015, we invited Maureen Davis to speak at our HOPE Project Event. Maureen also contributed a story to that year’s edition of HOPE magazine; her personal story of escaping domestic violence.

Excerpt: “I share my story with victims and survivors of domestic violence, front-line crisis responders, and anyone else trying to understand the complicated dynamics of abusive relationships. My goal is to shine a bright light in dark corners—domestic abuse thrives on secrecy—we need to talk about what happens behind closed doors. If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, there are agencies in your community that can assist with confidential counseling, safety planning, and legal advice. Reach out, make a phone call, start the conversation. Hope is…finding your time and place to be happy, and discovering you were worth it all along.”

Click HERE to read the entire story. *Trigger warning – The content in today’s story may be upsetting to some*

Maureen wants to continue sharing her message of hope. If you would like to talk to her about speaking or writing opportunities, please click HERE.


Day 12 was proudly supported by Presenting Media Sponsor, 101.5myFM. Please watch/listen for their message of hope:

Today is Day 13 of our 35 Days of HOPE event. Today, we invite you to watch a portion of the film we produced for our 2020 International Women’s Day Celebration Luncheon, which was made in recognition of our 35th anniversary. This particular interview features Preeya Rateja; a woman passionate about human rights and anti-racism, a proud serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces, and a member of FTP’s Board of Directors.

Day 13 was proudly supported by:

Today is Day 14 of our 35 Days of HOPE event. Today, we’d like to share a story of hope, recently shared by one of our counsellors. This is a story about a client who started accessing individual counselling support with a counsellor at Family Transition Place (FTP) due to past and current safety concerns with their ex-partner. When counselling first started, they were struggling with shame, unpleasant self-critical thoughts and a persistent sense of hopelessness. Financial strains and limitations left this person unsure on how to move forward and make ends meet. Delays with the court system and unending paperwork were making things worse. After being connected with FTP on an ongoing basis for just over a year, this person now has hope. They have provided positive updates on the court process—the judge had granted all of their requests: sole custody of the children, a restraining order against the ex-partner, and exclusive ownership of the family home. They have also expressed that they now feel empowered and are better able to understand and appreciate their emotions. They now feel that they have found their voice and are more confident in communicating their needs and setting boundaries within their relationships. This person has told us that they are extremely grateful to FTP for all the support they had received; that they now feel hope.


To help us with the important work we do every day, please consider making a donation. Your support is sincerely appreciated.

Day 14 was proudly supported by:

It’s Day 15 of our 35 Days of HOPE and we’d like to share this message of hope from our Manager of Development & Community Relations, Brennan Solecky. Brennan started at FTP right before the pandemic started. Her experience with FTP and our fundraising events has been quite different from previous years.

Day 15 was proudly supported by:

Today is Day 16 of our 35 Days of HOPE and today we’d like to share this perspective of hope from our Residential and Outreach Manager, Lyn Allen. Lyn has been with FTP for 33 of the 35 years that FTP has been serving this community. She has seen a lot and certainly has a good understanding of what hope looks like through the eyes of someone who has worked directly with women who have experienced domestic violence, and their children.

Excerpt: “If I look at hope within the context of Family Transition Place (FTP) being in existence for 35 years, I am overwhelmingly filled with images and expectations of positive outcomes. I am very proud to have been with FTP for 33 years, and during those years, I have seen shining examples of hope on a daily basis.”

Please read Lyn’s full story HERE.



Day 16 was proudly supported by:

It’s Day 17 of our 35 Days of HOPE event and today we want to share “a poem from the perspective of a survivor,” written by Anonymous.
The Ashes Betwixt
I wish that fifteen years ago
I had thought more about
What I had hoped
to reap right now
And I fear, in fifteen years time,
I will be regretting the same
Then, I had no children
And then, I will have none again
This period in between,
This time so wildly rich in
their growth, uncurtailed and
haphazardly directed
Alas, has been
Fertilized by ashes, and tears
Amongst the embers of
What was.
lingering end
Can attest to no
Noble act of mine
grey heap, witnessed
Only my
Singular passive feat
of Standing,
but upright nonetheless).
I am no “Survivor”,
No mythical creature of honour.
I simply continued to breathe,
and function
While dreams and expectations
Crumbled to dust around me
And somehow,
I live on
Inside a changed reality
I know if I succeed
a truer metamorphosis will come –
Oh my heart would leap
When my fledglings
Rise up greatly, and,
Spreading new wings
Into the shining sun
a glittering shower of ashes

Day 17 was proudly supported by:

Today is Day 18 of our 35 Days of HOPE event and today we wanted to share with you a 35-year retrospective of FTP, written by Sheralyn Roman. This article is slightly adapted from an article included in our 2020 issue of Celebrating Women magazine, but it provides a really nice snapshot of FTP over the 35 years.

Excerpt: “Inspired by hope for a brighter future, for families and for community, 35 years ago Family Transition Place (FTP) was founded by a fiercely determined group of community members committed to creating a safe space for families in transition. From its roots on Hillside Drive, to the current location at 20 Bredin Parkway, over three plus decades, three themes have remained constant: the impact of violence on families, the incredible resilience of women and the importance of community.”

Please click HERE to read the entire article.


Day 18 was proudly supported by:

It’s Day 19 of our 35 Days of HOPE event. Today, we share the hopeful perspective of one of FTP’s Youth Educators, Travis Greenley. Not being able to engage directly with kids in the classroom has been challenging, but our educators have been working on new and exciting ways to deliver the programming, while also supporting the agency in other ways.

Excerpt: “So, I patiently wait. I wait for the day when I will get the chance to be in the classroom again. But until then I’m going to soak up every new experience, every moment of learning and every opportunity to witness the courage and strength of the clients and staff of FTP. I used to go to schools to deliver education. Now I remain outside of the schools to receive my education. It’s something I’ll take with me when I return to the classroom. Hopefully soon.”

Read the entire story HERE.

Day 19 was proudly supported by:

Today is Day 20 of our 35 Days of HOPE event. Today, we’d like to share this message of hope from longtime and committed FTP supporter, the Klein-Panneton Foundation:
As a small family foundation, we seek to support organizations that courageously work towards social justice and a fair society. In our opinion, Family Transition Place (FTP) is one such place. As supporters for nearly ten years, we are grateful for the work that FTP does to build healthier communities in Orangeville and Dufferin. One of our core missions at the Klein-Panneton Foundation is to support local organizations that help create tides of change across society; FTP not only provides critical services to women and children, but also reminds us that change happens at many levels, as exemplified by their Youth Education programs. FTP clearly demonstrates a willingness to address larger systemic issues of violence and abuse by meeting the needs of women and providing safer environments that allow for growth and the development of healthier relationships. We are inspired by the team’s commitment to inclusiveness, compassion, respect and continuous learning. We look forward to continuing our support and bearing witness to their positive impact on the community.
Natasha Klein-Panneton
Board Member of the Klein-Panneton Foundation
The ongoing generosity and support from foundations like the Klein-Panneton Foundation—along with funds raised through fundraising initiatives such as the 35 Days of HOPE event—are crucial sources of revenue that help us to continue offering programs and services that run largely unfunded. To support our 35 Days of HOPE initiative, please click HERE.

Day 20 was proudly supported by:

It’s Day 21 of our 35 Days of HOPE Event. FTP staff aim to provide safety, support and hope for those accessing our services by doing things like: finding safe and affordable housing (something that it is VERY challenging), finding safe housing alternatives for beloved pets, or just connecting with someone over a sandwich to talk about their hopes and fears. Today’s story is an example of how our staff do whatever they can to provide support to those needing it during difficult times.

The full story can be read HERE.

To help us provide safety, support and hope, please consider making a donation.


Day 21 was proudly supported by:





On Day 22 of our 35 Days of HOPE event, we’d like to share this hopeful note from one of our staff members:

The women who access the services of Family Transition Place do so for a variety of reasons. Their challenges are real and they reach out for support with the HOPE of being able to navigate systems with help, having someone to listen to them and believe their lived experience, and to improve their life and the lives of their children. I have worked for FTP for almost 16 years and my clients always have the same feedback for me:

“I did not know where else to turn.”

“I would have been lost without FTP.”

“You empowered me and made me realize how strong I am.”

“You gave me HOPE for the future.” 

Day 22 was proudly supported by:

It is Day 23 of our 35 Days of HOPE event. Today’s story is a deep and emotional look into someone’s life; someone who once experienced horrible trauma, violence and heartbreak and who now experiences joy and hope. She is brave for sharing her story. She is a survivor. 

Excerpt: “I pray and hope to give someone courage and strength through reading my story. To let them know that in a world of darkness and unknown that there is HOPE.”

*Trigger warning – The content in today’s story may be upsetting to some*

Please read the entire story HERE.

We are here to help people have hope. Our vision is “a community free of abuse where all individuals are treated with compassion, equity and respect, and live their lives in healthy relationships.” Please help us achieve this. Donations are sincerely appreciated.


Day 23 was proudly supported by:

Today is Day 24 of our 35 Days of HOPE event. Today, we are sharing a Letter from Your Support Person, by Petra Summerhill.

Hey You,
You should know, it’s not weak,
This wall of tears
that continually pushes to
escape your crumbling dam.
Have you ever considered
     For example
the incredible power
The ocean holds in its’ tidal wave?
That – is strength.

And it’s ok, it’s safe here
to reveal
     those pink and white scars
or those scabs, still red, or black
The yellow and blue hue
of bruising –
     All those invisible wounds
Know that you
are so much more miraculous
than the sum of your fractured parts.

And as for that festering mess
   of unhappy events 
Which you keep
jammed so deeply inside of you
Clinging desperately …
     It’s not your fault. 
It’s not. 
It’s for someone else to own
So open it up, let it out, and
Get rid of it

And well, you –
You might think you’re
damaged goods – but
You are unique,
    you stand out –
Not because you’re strange 
But because,
     even with your various walls
          of silence
          … smiles
     or that smoke-screen you put up –
               your self-induced fog,

Though you might bury your story
Your heart still shines through –
       It does 
And it’s good
It’s human
and it connects so intricately 
With others
You prove your worth
Like a sunbeam
and yes, even like rain,
Both are vital
     And I value all of you

Mirrors, bah
Mirrors are manufactured
Look in my eyes for your reflection
          Go ahead …
     See what I see
All those sad, beautiful colours –
     Truly make you a work of art

                Your Support Person

Please consider a donation.

Day 24 was proudly supported by:

Today is Day 25 of our 35 Days of HOPE event. Sabina Iurillo, one of FTP’s Youth Educators, provided the following student success story to share as today’s story of hope.

Excerpt: “In my work I have come across so many young people who impact me and give me hope. These young people are our future, the game changers, and the policy makers.”

Read the whole story HERE.



Day 25 was proudly supported by:

It’s Day 26 of our 35 Days of HOPE event. Today, we’re sharing a story of hope from Tony Maxwell—longtime FTP volunteer and recently appointed FTP board member.

Excerpt: “Over the years, as supporters of the national White Ribbon campaign or as part of our own local group (MENtors), men in this community have organized events to raise awareness about domestic violence…and to support the work of FTP.”

Please read today’s story HERE.



Day 26 was proudly supported by:

On Day 27 of our 35 Days of HOPE event, we’d like to share a moment of calm, inspiration and hope provided by one of our Presenting Sponsors, GoYoga Orangeville. Thank you to Taylor and Shelley for putting together this video on behalf of this year’s HOPE Project Event. To access GoYoga’s daily yoga class schedules and all of the other wonderful things they offer, please visit the GoYoga website

Day 27 was proudly supported by one of our Presenting Sponsors, GoYoga Orangeville.

It’s Day 28 of our 35 Days of HOPE event. Today we are sharing a personal story of hope submitted by one of our staff members, Sabina Iurillo. 

Excerpt: “Hope. When I hear this word, I cannot help but think of my teenage daughter. She is smart, quick witted, hardworking, empathetic, respectful, accepting, talented and passionate!”

After reading this article, please ask yourself the question: “What gives me hope?” There are so many things in our lives, big and small, that affect how we feel. Try to take a moment and think about the things that make you feel good—the things that give you hope.

Read today’s story HERE.


Photo by Elyssa Fahndrich on Unsplash.


Day 28 was proudly supported by:

Today is Day 29 of our 35 Days of HOPE event. On Day 1 of this event, Norah suggested that these 35 days are used as hope “training” and invited you to think of the things in your life that give you hope. Yesterday, we provided a personal story of hope from one of our staff members. We’re hoping that today, you can draw on yesterday’s story and share with us: “What gives you hope?”

From now until the last day of this event (October 29th), we will enter the names of everyone who shares what gives them hope on today’s Facebook post into a draw to win one of many prizes generously donated by: Bluebird Cafe and Grill Orangeville, GoYoga Orangeville, Green Monkey Creative/Suzanne Gardner Flowers, Bell Canada, Winners | HomeSense and Bauhouse Renovations. PLEASE NOTE: The names drawn will be from stories shared exclusively through today’s (Day 29) FTP’s Facebook page post.


Day 29 was proudly supported by:

Today is Day 30 of our 35 Days of HOPE Event. On Day 6 of this event, we shared with you details about a book being released next month called Voices of Courage. This book is a compilation of survivor stories put together by the Dufferin/Caledon Domestic Assault Review Team (DART) with funding from the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. Today, we’d like to share with you a story published in the book by Lisa S. titled, Never Give Up. This is the first of two stories we will be sharing from Lisa; both of them incredibly impactful.

Excerpt: “But there is help out there, and there are other people who do understand and who can help. I am so grateful for the help that I have found and received, as it has helped to bring me out of isolation and has helped me find myself. No matter how hard it is to tell the story of the abuse, or how scared, guilty or ashamed you feel to break that silence, you can find the strength to do it.”

*Trigger warning – The content in today’s story may be upsetting to some*
Please read the entire story HERE.

Details on the release date of Voices of Courage will be shared with you very soon.



Day 30 was proudly supported by:

It’s Day 31 of our 35 Days of HOPE event and today we are sharing a follow-up story from Lisa S., which was published in the soon to be released book, Voices of Courage. We shared Lisa’s first story—Never Give Up—yesterday. Please read the piece she wrote this year about her journey.

“Never Give Up is a piece I wrote in 2014 after leaving an abusive relationship. There was a lot of realization and acceptance as to what I had gone through that I was still processing at the time. Realization is the key to understanding; once I did, it helped me immensely. It is definitely a journey, and one that I still continue in 2020. I think our journeys continue for each of us, in their own unique way. For me, there was lot of unlearning, re-learning and learning of new things. I had to learn how to live again, because I hadn’t been living – I was merely existing. I had to find myself again, as I had lost myself. But now I’m found, and I’m a new me, a wiser me, a stronger and more resilient me. I have grown so much since I first wrote this piece in 2014. It’s a piece that captures a very real process that we all go through, in our own way. The journey never ends. Use your voice. We all have a story to tell.” -Lisa S.

We will share information about the release date of Voices of Courage soon.


Day 31 was proudly supported by:

It’s Day 32 of our 35 Days of HOPE event. Today, we’d like to share a story of hope from one of our former board presidents, Donna Arsenault. Donna has been an FTP monthly donor for almost 15 years. Her monthly contributions—along with the generous contributions we receive from our other monthly donors—provide us with a reliable source of income, which helps us plan our budgets. We asked Donna why she has wanted to continue supporting us all of these years. Here was her response:

Being a first time grandmother and knowing the support and the love my daughter is getting from afar through family and friends, it’s so rewarding to know she is being supported by many. I know this is not always the norm and realized years ago that FTP was there for many unsupported and abused women and their children. When we moved to Orangeville, I knew I wanted to volunteer and was drawn to FTP for the support, the love and the commitment they had made to this community. Through volunteering, being on the board of directors and donating monthly, I know this wonderful team is devoted to their clients. They give HOPE, they give support and they provide the tranquility necessary for lives to change. It is such a special place for many to restart and work towards a safe and healthy life.

To donate in support of this initiative, please click HERE.


Day 32 was proudly supported by:

Today is Day 33 of our 35 Days of HOPE event. In 2018, we invited Samra Zafar to be the guest speaker of our HOPE Project Event. If you had attended that event, you will remember that she was an inspiring, powerful and eloquent speaker. Guests were left feeling incredibly hopeful after Samra shared her story about surviving a decade of abuse.
Today, Samra shares this message of hope for our 2020 HOPE Project Event.

With just two days left of our 35 Days of HOPE event, please help us reach our fundraising goals. Donations can be made HERE and are sincerely appreciated.

Day 33 was proudly supported by:

After today, there is only one more day of our 35 Days of HOPE event. We have shared amazing stories from devoted supporters, FTP staff members, past guest speakers and survivors. We hope that some of them—if not all of them—have provided you with an opportunity to reflect on what makes you feel hopeful. Today, we’d like to share this message from one of FTP’s frontline staff members:

Excerpt: “Staff are always pleased to hear how the agency which we are proud to work for is able to lead and assist as a team in providing these services, in order to be the support people are looking for. But we know that support is really the extent of our role—that the real work towards any positive change is effected, in all reality, solely by the client themselves. We often stand aside, both amazed at the strength people summon from within their own selves, and honoured to be invited to be a witness in their journey.”

Please read the entire message HERE.

Day 34 was proudly presented by one of our Presenting Sponsors, Flato Developments Inc.:



Today is the final day of our 35 Days of HOPE event. Thank you for taking this journey of hope with us. It has been wonderful sharing all of these incredible stories with you and we hope they have inspired you in some way. FTP’s Executive Director, Norah Kennedy, would like to share this one last message of hope with you today. 

Excerpt: “By creating an initiative that focused on hope, we wanted to inspire event attendees to see the potential in themselves and realize that there IS a point in action, because there is always the potential for a happy ending.”

Please read the entire message HERE.

We want to thank all of you for your time and your generous financial support. Donations can still be made and are sincerely appreciated. Please donate HERE.

And thank you to our Presenting Sponsors: Argo Development Corp., Flato Developments Inc. and GoYoga Orangeville; and to all of the rest of our incredible sponsors. You really were integral to the success of this event. We will be announcing our fundraising total and the winners of our Day 29 draw very soon.

Day 35 was proudly presented by one of our Presenting Sponsors, Argo Development Corp.:


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