Congratulations to the winner!

The winning ticket was drawn on May 1st at 11 a.m. Congratulations to the winner of Travelling the Silk Roadthe holder of ticket number 0230! This raffle raised $2,600 to support the personal-care needs of the women and children accessing FTP’s shelter, counselling and outreach services.

Travelling the Silk Road is a quilt designed, built and sewn by Sandra Small Proudfoot, graduate of Design from the Ontario College of Art (AOCA ’89). Machine quilting by Mary Light of Temiskaming Shores.

Silk Road quilt by Sandy Proudfoot image by Pete Paterson

Image by Pete Paterson

Artist Statement:
The Silk Road is neither an actual road nor a single route. The term instead refers to a network of routes used by Eurasian traders spanning a distance of some four thousand miles past the Takla Makan Desert in China, climbing up through the vast and majestic Pamir Mountains and the ‘Stans down through Central Asia, India, Turkey across the Mediterranean Sea into Italy. It lasted for more than 1,500 years from the second century BCE to the mid-15th Century CE facilitating economic, cultural, political and religious interactions between China, Asia, India and Europe. More than just silk from China travelled along these routes as design images moved from east to west on ceramics, textiles, metalwork, tilework and other applied arts, as the Silk Road routes travelled through various countries to Europe, England and eventually to the New World influencing many of the visual arts.

Thank you to: Sandy Proudfoot for generously donating this beautiful quilt to raise funds and awareness on behalf of FTP; Judi Sullivan for supporting the raffle in every way possible; the members of the Dufferin Piecemakers Quilting Guild for their support of this initiative; Harmony Whole Foods Market and BookLore for selling tickets at their store locations; and GoYoga Orangeville for the use of their raffle drum.

If you would like to know more about this raffle, please contact Kelly at 519-942-4122, ext. 243, or email

All proceeds to support the personal-care needs of the women and children accessing FTP’s shelter, counselling and outreach services.

In the Media:
Focus on Family Transition Place and domestic violence | Orangeville Citizen

Lottery Licence M 841737
Purchasers, all ticket holders and/or group members must be at least 18 years of age. Tickets cannot be purchased in the name of a minor.
Tickets are not tax deductible and must be purchased and delivered within the province of Ontario.
Only one (1) name can be entered as a Primary Ticket Holder.
Employees of the Charity* staff and Charity board members are NOT eligible to participate (defined as purchase tickets or receive prizes in the Raffle).
Charity volunteers and family members are able to participate.
*Charity defined as Family Transition Place (FTP)

Other work by Sandy Proudfoot

Coercive Control: a quilt created by Sandy Proudfoot with a focus on the effects of domestic violence.

Coercive Control quilt by Sandy Proudfoot image by Pete Paterson

Coercive Control full quilt – image by Pete Paterson

Coercive Control close up of Botticellis Venus image by Pete Paterson

Close up of Botticelli’s Venus – image by Pete Paterson

Coercive Control close up of bottom section image by Pete Paterson

Close up of bottom section – image by Pete Paterson

Artist Statement:
Coercive Control is a term used in Intimate Partner Relationships where abusive behaviours lead to Domestic Violence. From my experience, I hope to put a visual face to this tragic issue of victims of abuse. Representing a loving relationship, peaceful meadows, sky above and trees surround and embrace Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’ standing before my chicken house in the country. Yet, when that relationship breaks down and becomes abusive, we are vulnerable; our ’emotional’ eggs have been placed in our loved one’s basket. Clouds gather and darken as they fall through a formerly loving relationship onto Bernini’s sculpture ‘The Ecstasy of Santa Teresa’. A winged Angel, his spear filled with Divine Love, is thrust into the heart of the nun lying beneath him. Yet, to me, this sculpture also spoke of betrayal. The angel’s duplicitous smile, his sharpened spear reminded me of domestic violence and the heartbreak associated with it. Domestic Violence places victims in a cage of emotional, financial and often physical abuse; fearfully exposed to another’s anger and control. Shelter is needed. But then, one day on a leafy branch a tiny green chrysalis appears and from this a beautiful new butterfly is born. Recovery is possible. A new life begins.

Original design © 2022 Sandra Small Proudfoot, AOCA ’89, Mono, Ontario, Canada This image is available in poster form as well. Please contact Sandy at with subject Coercive Control Poster.

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