Course Descriptions

 “Transition Training worked closely with us to customize the content and resource materials for our team. This, coupled with the dynamic and interactive way in which the information was delivered substantially increased our team’s confidence in their ability to effectively handle these difficult situations and provide our associates with the best possible care and support. We look forward to a long term partnership with Transitions Training.”  – Winners Merchant International

Workshop Offerings:

Domestic Violence and its Impact on the Workplace

Course Description:

This workshop provides critical information including a framework using the RUSH model © (Recognizing, Understanding, Helping and Referring) about domestic violence (DV).  The workshop also provides an understanding of workplace safety issues in relation to DV and what to do when incidents occur.  Participants also acquire the skills to assist with safety planning for the victim, the workplace and an understanding of high risk indicators. This session also covers factors to consider when developing policies and procedures to govern the workplace, as well as compliance with Bill 168’s amendment to understanding DV and what the employer’s responsibilities are.

No public workshops are scheduled at this time.  If you would like to be added to the list to be notified of the next one, please email contact us to be added to our distribution list.

Harassment in the Workplace

Course Description:

During this interactive workshop, participants will get the opportunity to explore what harassment is and how each person within an organization can contribute to a healthier, harassment free workplace. Real life examples and situations will be utilized as participants examine the impact of harassment on individuals as well as on the overall health of an organization.  Post workshop, expected outcomes include:

  • Be able to identify workplace harassment
  • Understand what the impact of harassment is on the individual and the organization
  • Learn ways to deal with harassment
  • Become aware of how to prevent harassment
  • Understand their company policy regarding harassment

Positive Relationships in the Workplace

Course Description:

Participants will explore issues regarding healthy vs. unhealthy workplace relationships. Participants will gain a real world understanding of topics including what healthy and unhealthy workplace relationships look like, how a manager can contribute to those relationships as well as how to create a positive workplace culture.  Post workshop, expected outcomes include:

  • Learn how to identify whether a relationship is healthy or unhealthy
  • Explore the power of put downs and compliments
  • Understand the impact of teamwork
  • Identify different communication styles and how to operate effectively with each of them
  • Examine the impact of empathy on a workplace

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