The Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all in a variety of ways. Some of you may know that our donations program has been on hold since mid-March to minimize the risk of the virus entering our building. Monetary donations and gift cards have been welcome during this time to help support unexpected costs incurred by the pandemic, and to help support our budgets, which are normally boosted by the generous gifts-in-kind we receive from this community. The holidays are fast approaching and “normally” we would welcome the incredible gift donations into our building with open arms, but this year is certainly not normal.
If you are hoping to make a donation to support the women and children we serve, please consider a monetary donation or a gift card. Some gift cards to consider: Walmart, grocery stores, clothing stores (e.g., Old Navy, Sport Chek, Urban Planet, etc.), Amazon and E.B. Games. Our hope is to provide these generous offerings to those who need them by December 1st to give folks an opportunity to prepare for the holidays.
Monetary donations can be made HERE—if you would like the funds to be used for a specific purpose, please indicate that in the dedication field of the online donation form, or during the e-transfer process. To arrange the delivery of gift cards, or if you would like to speak to someone about the donation process, please call or email Kelly—519-942-4122, ext. 243 /
Please also check out FTP’s Amazon Wish List for special-request items. 
NOTE: We do encourage folks to shop local whenever possible, but with the risks of the pandemic to our congregate living format, FTP staff is better able to manage deliveries coming in from a couple of weekly couriers rather than several different deliveries/donations coming in every day. With fewer couriers, we reduce the number of contact points and the items will be coming directly from a supplier. As with every donation, these items will still need to be placed in quarantine.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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