Family Transition Place (FTP) will be proudly presenting their annual HOPE Project Event completely online this year. Starting September 25th and ending October 29th, the HOPE Project Event: 35 Days of HOPE will take place on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter—see below for handles) and our event webpage. Each day of the event will feature a story of hope from some of our past HOPE event guest speakers, our staff members, survivors and more. Running the event for 35 days is in recognition of FTP’s 35 years providing essential programs and services to the Dufferin and Caledon communities. Also in recognition of this milestone is our fundraising goal: $35,000.
Like many other agencies providing services to the vulnerable sector, we have had to adjust our fundraising strategies to accommodate the recommendations put forth by government and health officials. The cancellation of in-person events leads to a significant drop in fundraising revenue; revenue needed to support important program delivery. We are hoping that those who have enthusiastically attended this event in the past will consider making a donation in lieu of purchasing their usual registration to help support these budgeting needs. We are also hoping that by hosting the event in this medium, we will reach supporters who may not have been able to attend the event in previous years.
As previously mentioned, you can follow the 35 Days of HOPE through FTP’s the event webpage, or by visiting any of our social media channels; please see below for our handles:
Twitter: @ftplace
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