The despicable events of racism and discrimination that the world witnessed in the United States over this past week, and the many that have occurred before now, cannot be ignored. It’s important to acknowledge that racial violence is not bound by borders and is a global issue. We are reminded that, despite what we like to believe, our inclusive and loving nature as a nation has a long way to go to support the creation of a better society. We can start by educating ourselves and not being silent about racial or gender injustice when we see it.  

At Family Transition Place, we proudly support our community. We believe that everyone, regardless of colour, race, ability, faith, nationality, age, sexual orientation and gender identity or gender expression, is worthy. Rooted in our strong and inclusive agency values, we will not tolerate violence, discrimination or abuse of any kind – this includes racism. This is who we are, and who we have always been. To us, there is no other way to operate.

We all must do better. Together, we can do better.

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