Habitat for Humanity has purchased three residential properties in Orangeville which are being converted into 5-6 units of affordable housing. Habitat, in partnership with Family Transition Place (FTP), are committed to providing affordable housing opportunities for families that qualify under the Habitat for Humanity guidelines. This project will create opportunities for those who occupy those homes to advance toward home ownership and equity accumulation through ownership.

The properties being converted are located within the Town of Orangeville. Within Habitat, families are chosen by a volunteer Family Selection Committee then approved by the Habitat Board. Within this Family Transition Place/Habitat partnership, the Family Selection Committee will have joint representation from each organization. To specifically apply to this project, families must be, or have been, associated with FTP programs and services. Please click HERE for more information on additional qualifying criteria.

To apply, please complete a Habitat for Humanity application. Please submit your completed application to Habitat for Humanity as per the address on the application or via their web site at https://habitatwdg.ca. Please indicate that the application is for housing through the Habitat for Humanity/Family Transition Place partnership. Should you have questions about this partnership or require assistance to complete the application, please contact Janice Glassford, Family Transition Place, 519-942-4122 ext 269.

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