At FTP’s AGM last week, our new Board of Directors were elected. We say good bye to Board Members, Cynthia Rayburn and our outgoing President, Elaine Capes. Both women have served on the Board for 6 years, so it was time for them to step down.

Elaine has served, first as VP for 2 years, and then as President for the 2 years and has been a proud champion of the agency. We will really miss her, but she assures us that she is not going far, and wants to stay connected to the agency.

Elaine shared some sentiments at the meeting. She commented, ” The shelter is like an Arc – in more ways than one – it may be constructed out of bricks and mortar, but it has a spirit, it is held together with the love, kindness, and compassion of the staff and volunteers, and brings comfort, safety and hope to women and children when they need it. The people – the place – it all comes together through a passion of purpose that is clear and concise – in the hearts and minds of everyone connected to FTP and to the desire of ending violence against women and holding on to the belief that everyone can know and live in healthy loving relationships.  I am so grateful to have been part of the people, the place and the passion of purpose. I wish you all continued success as you celebrate the past, manage the present and shape the future.”

Thank you Elaine! We will miss you!

We are thrilled to welcome our new slate of directors:

President: Nicole Hambleton
Vice-President: Trish Keachie
Treasurer/Finance Chair: Karen Webster
Governance Chair: Carrissa Burton
Members at Large: Nancy Mongeon, Mike Post, Paul Nanckivell, Preeya Rateja, Rapinder Kaur


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