Family Transition Place would like to acknowledge that there has been some discussion on a public Facebook group about what services we provide. We would like to take this opportunity to clarify a few things.

First and foremost, FTP is a registered not for profit agency mandated by the government of Ontario to provide emergency shelter and counselling for abused women and their children.  While our funding does not allow for the emergency shelter to be anything but communal living for women only, we do however provide other services for men. We offer sexual assault counselling (recent or historic), to both men and women, as we do receiving funding from separate government ministries for this purpose.  To clarify, anyone reaching out for support from us via our 24/7 Crisis line will be offered support and, if necessary, as in the case of men seeking shelter, will be assisted with referrals to other more suitable organizations.

It is important to note that we at Family Transition Place strongly believe that ALL violence is unacceptable, regardless of the gender of the perpetrator. It is interesting to note that the Canadian Women’s Foundation recently reported:  “According to police, men (49%) and women (51%) in Canada are equally at risk of violent victimization. However, men are much more likely to be assaulted by a stranger or someone from outside their family, while women are much more likely to be assaulted by someone they know; and about half (49%) of all female murder victims in Canada are killed by a former or current intimate partner. In contrast, only 7% of male murder victims were killed by intimate partners.”

FTP’s vision:  We strive to be “A community free of abuse where all women, children and men are treated with respect and equality, and live in healthy relationships within their families.”

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