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Growing up can sometimes be confusing, frustrating and stressful for pre-teen/early teen girls. I’M GIRL is a multi-week program that provides girls the opportunity to talk openly about some of their problems and social issues with other girls their own age in a fun and interactive setting.  This is an empowering, fun interactive program for (grades 6-8 only) girls, teaching them concepts and skills that promote a positive personal image.

The anticipated goals and outcomes of the program teaches girls to:

  • build on their personal strengths;
  • feel good about themselves;
  • strengthen their assertiveness skills;
  • develop problem solving skills.

The information and activities chosen for the group is presented in a multi-media format, utilizing interactive games
and group work.

Please click HERE for information on what to expect as a group participant.

Tuesdays | September 25-November 13, 2018 | 4-5:00 p.m.
Please click HERE for registration.

For more information, please contact Sabina Iurillo
 – 519-942-4122, ext. 245 or

Held in partnership with: Orangeville Public Library logo

I am

Images are all around us – on the television, in magazines and on the Internet. These images portray what is deemed to be beautiful, stylish…or even perfect. Those images can affect self esteem and the choices we make.

I AM explores the importance of having positive self esteem and looks into all of the different things that may impact self esteem, including the media and relationships.

Grade 8 students – GIRLS and GUYS
8 week curriculum
Snacks provided – program often run on nutrition break or before/after school
Students may be referred to program by school CYW/guidance counsellor

Please click HERE for more information about the evaluation process.

For more information on both programs, please contact Sabina Iurillo at 519-942-4122, ext. 245, or

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