The MENtors would like to thank the community for supporting the 1st Annual Walk in Her Shoes event held on Saturday June 20th at the Alder Street Arena.   The purpose of the “Walk in Her Shoes” event was to raise awareness about ending violence against women and girls and to redefine ‘what makes a man’.

Over 100 men walked in pink shoes.

Some men were participating on behalf of their mother, their sister, their grandmother or friends – and some participated because they realize that the world needs to change. Maybe that is the case for the dad in this picture, who now has a little daughter.

Regardless of their reasons, woman abuse is ‘not just a woman’s issue”.  Inspirational speaker, film maker and self-described anti-sexist author Jackson Katz suggests that we shouldn’t just focus violence prevention efforts on abusive men who need help changing their ways, but all men, he says, have a role to play in preventing male violence against women. His basic assertion is that rape, battering, sexual abuse and harassment are so widespread that they must be viewed as a social problem rooted in our culture, not as the problem of troubled individuals. He emphasizes, that “we need more men and boys who have the courage and the strength to start standing up and speaking out against violence against women. Standing with women, rather than against them and pretending that this is somehow a battle between the sexes .

“We live in the world together.”

Like Mr. Katz, FTP also takes this holistic approach to ending gender violence as we agree – we do live in this world together. Therefore, it only makes sense that we also adopt this strategy to end gender violence through various efforts and include initiatives like the MENtors group.

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