The transition to high school may be a difficult one for many teens. It usually means a move to a new building with a larger number of students, new teachers, new administration, and increased academic expectations. It is a time of establishing a greater independence from the family while still managing to maintain these ties. New social connections and perhaps balancing a part time job, may add to the student’s demands. Pressure from the peer group to experiment or participate in risky behaviours may increase.I am.

Family Transition Place and the Orangeville Public Library have partnered to bring the “I AM” Program to the community to empower young people entering high school; providing the tools they will require to be successful. Grade 7& 8 students are invited to sign up for this fun, interactive program offered at the Mill St. location of the Orangeville Public Library.

Registration is available online now, click here to register.

There is no cost to sign up. All Grade 7 & 8 students are welcome!

Space is limited (only 8-10 spots) for this program and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Each workshop is approximately 1 hour in length, beginning Wednesday April 17 @4pm.

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