We are pleased to share that our Youth Education Programs are making a difference.

We’ve always known our education programs were creating positive change based on the many success stories students have shared with FTP educators over the years.  But now, thanks to the valued partnership with the Centre of Excellence for Children’s Mental Health, we are beginning to be able to  prove it! Data collected from the valid and reliable measuring tools implemented with the support of The Centre is allowing us to collect baseline data to which we will be able to compare yearly outcomes.

We are pleased to share the preliminary findings reflecting positive changes from our  2011-2012 Youth Education programming results.

Please note: Students participating in the Grade 8 I AM program started the session with high self esteem (these students had already been involved with FTP programs for two or more years) and even so,  their overall self esteem was still proven to have increased slightly by the end of the program.

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